Prison Transition – Jobs

Prison Transition Program[Please Note: This service is only for non-violent ex-offenders who are seeking to transition into productive members of society.]

A Pathway to Hope and Home, LLC, understands that people sometimes make decisions that lead down the wrong road. Fortunately, we live in a world of second chances. Therefore, if a person who has been institutionalized is seeking to change his/her life for the better, we want to give them a fighting chance by granting access to the resources they will need to help them achieve this goal.

One roadblock people transitioning from the penal system repeatedly face is securing viable employment. Many companies simply will not hire ex-offenders, regardless if they are non-violent. However, there are those companies that will give ex-offenders the opportunity to prove themselves. Listed below are resources that will help ex-prisoners find the employment they need to take care of themselves and their families, this in addition to the placement assistance we will offer through our nonprofit. Also available is information on how to start a business for those who desire to pave their own economic path. In closing, please be sure to check into our other service areas such as counseling, housing, and even our free car program. We know you made mistake, but we are proud that you are working hard to change your life for the better. You can do it!

Popular Jobs for Ex-Offenders

Construction Hospitality
Truck Driving Landscaping
Fast Food Newspaper Delivery
Customer Service Welding
Janitorial Cooking
Work-at-Home Opportunities Start a Business
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