Group Homes

Group Home LogoOur group homes will not only provide residents with a safe, enjoyable place to live, they will also receive life skills and job training as we want our homes to be a source of shelter and change. This training will be provided via a series of seminars/workshops and cover the following topics:

(Please Note: Only residents of the group homes will be able to attend these particular seminars/workshops as we want to control the number in attendance and be able to give one-on-one attention to those who need it.)

Job Training

The training sessions detailed below are designed to give the individuals served by your nonprofit a competitive edge when navigating through this very difficult job market. Since everyone is unique and learns at a different pace, we are able to tailor programs to fit your clients' specific needs.

Technology - Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook)

Participants will receive basic instruction on how to effectively utilize the Microsoft Office 2007 software suite. They will learn how to use the computer to compose letters, process data, develop presentations, create graphics, and explore the capabilities of many other exciting features. More advanced training is available as well and we are capable of tailoring a program to fit participants' specific needs.

Social Media - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Participants will receive training on how to build their personal brand in order to effectively market themselves in a social media landscape that is continually evolving. In addition, participants will receive creative tips on how to use social media as a powerful job search tool.

Resume Writing

Participants will receive instruction on how to design strategically-focused resumes that generate results. From the incorporation of "power words" to what is the most common layout used by job seekers as well as how to craft a captivating cover letter that will leave potential employers wanting more, they will receive the training necessary to land their dream job.

ESL Tutoring

Participants will receive tutoring on how to effectively communicate in English in a supportive and fun environment. As a self-published author/creative writer and motivational speaker, I bring a unique set of experiences that enables me to structure sessions that will keep participants excited about learning a new language while inspiring them to remain engaged beyond the classroom.

Life Skills Coaching

As a performance/motivational speaker with an 18-year history of educating, entertaining, and empowering audiences, it was during the course of this time when it became ingrained in my head and heart that we are all in this journey called LIFE, together. I have delivered over 61 speeches to date and with each one I have been more and more enlightened to the fact that there are many people struggling in the world today under a veil of secrecy: appearing strong on the outside, but silently withering away on the inside. Whether it is a lack of self-confidence, depression, identity crisis, or other challenges that often affect people, at times we all need a helping hand. I want to be that helping hand.

As the meaning so beautifully embodied in the quote by Carl Jung expresses, "Your VISION will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." The words are not only eloquent, but true. My goal as a life skills coach would be to assist your clients in living this truth by enlightening them to their highest level of potential through a series of transformational workshops, the foundation of which will emphasize developing a healthy sense of self-love. Facilitation of these workshops will occur in a supportive environment where I will not only assist them with setting realistic, achievable goals with the understanding that the hard work they invest in the process is not only igniting a spiritual revolution in their own lives, but encouraging them to live in a manner that serves as a source of inspiration for others. Indeed, I believe everyone deserves to enjoy renewed energy, clarity of purpose, and a sense of grateful living where the "little things" are magnified to the level of actually mattering. We all deserve to awaken. Detailed below are some of the areas in which I can provide coaching. If assistance is required in an area different than those listed, please let me know and I can tailor programs as needed.

Developing Focus

Having focus fuels purpose and ignites passion and energy. When you have a sense of purpose in life, you are not as easily distracted by outside influences that may be of lesser importance. When people learn that life is a matter of creating and assigning priority to a series of goals, which in turn dictate the outcomes that occur in their lives, developing focus becomes paramount.

Objective: Clients will learn how to set priorities and hone their attention until an ideal outcome is achieved. Sessions can be customized in accordance with a client's values and belief systems.

Learning How to Listen

To effectively communicate what burdens are weighing us down, it is important to become a good listener. In fact, good listeners generally communicate well in a variety of ways (i.e. verbally and in writing). Also, when we listen well we become attuned to the needs of others, which leads to building trust, rapport, and ultimately stronger relationships. The gifts we receive in return are a greater sense of empathy and understanding. Another benefit of being a good listener is that people who possess this ability are usually more patient with themselves because they recognize the power in exercising tolerance in every aspect of life.

Objective: Clients will learn how to develop good listening skills, critical components in the path toward self-improvement.

Enhancing Decision-making Skills

Most people would rather eat rocks than make a major life decision. However, those who possess good decision-making skills are usually able to handle problems in a more efficient and effective manner resulting in greater peace of mind as well as a sense of personal accomplishment. Indeed, decision-making can be a painful process because it requires applying intuition and/or reasoning, but once it is accepted as a natural part of life, doing so becomes more bearable.

Objective: Clients will learn how to gather all the facts in order to clarify an issue/situation, weigh the pros and cons, and explore different options, which will lead to better life decisions.

Cultivating A Healthy Sense of Self-Love

Any meaningful transformation will first require the individual to view him/herself from a perspective rooted in compassion, truth, and forgiveness. When we practice self-love, it opens our hearts and spirits to embracing the love that exists in others. This is very important in the development of healthy relationships, both personal and professional. In fact, people who possess self-love are often more grateful and able to find joy in tackling the obstacle courses that often come attached to some of life's most demanding teachers. They are able to find the best in everything.

Objective: Clients will learn how to cultivate a healthy sense of self-love that involves creating boundaries, accepting imperfections in themselves and others, and finding meaning in life's everyday challenges.

Creativity and Spiritual Cleansing

According to Picasso, "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." Such is the release many people have come to enjoy as a result of nurturing their imaginations and allowing their creative energies to flow. In fact, there are stories of people who have expressed that painting a picture, building a dollhouse for their daughter, or designing original pieces of pottery, brought them the greatest joy they had experienced in years. Individuals who think outside the box and explore their creative side usually enjoy a heightened sense of freedom as well, which can lead to spiritual enlightenment and a more meaningful understanding of how it can be applied to effect change in the world and others.

Objective: Clients will learn how to uncover their artistic abilities and apply them toward becoming more guided and less adrift in life, leading to an enhanced sense of joy.

Becoming a Better Problem-Solver

Living brings problems on a daily basis, with some struggles being more complex than others. While it would be ideal if all problems could be handled with ease, the reality is there are certain ones (the uphill battles) that will leave us in a quandary as to how to properly solve them. For many, the issue of the unknown is what impedes their ability to deal with problems. However, once an individual is able to embrace the philosophy that problems in life are only meant to make us stronger, only then will they be viewed through different eyes.

Objective: Clients will learn how to carefully consider and apply structure to the challenges they may be facing in life.

Learning How to Negotiate

Possessing effective negotiation skills can be the difference between achieving a peaceful resolution or having those involved in a challenging situation develop feelings of anger and resentment. Indeed, deciding to work toward a desirable outcome demonstrates maturity and prevents barriers to future communication. Negotiating can be hard, but the outcome will be well worth the effort.

Objective: Clients will learn how to negotiate in a manner that leaves winners of everyone involved in a difficult situation.