Prison Sunrise Re-entry Group Homes

(This program is contingent upon A Pathway to Hope and Home, Inc. being accepted into the Georgia Re-entry Housing Partnership Program.)

In partnership with the Georgia Re-Entry Housing Partnership Program, we will offer housing to men transitioning from the penal system toward becoming productive members of society. During their stay in our re-entry group homes, residents will have access to training and enrichment programs (see below) and free room and board courtesy of this program. As it specifically pertains to the training and enrichment sessions, the goal is to expose residents to several of the many positive opportunities that exist in this world with the ultimate goal of transforming them into great successes who will forever live the remainder of their lives as free men.

 Training and Enrichment Programs Offered Via Our Re-entry Group Homes

Think Big! - How to Live Your Best Life! Wealthbuilding
Real Estate Investing Vision Boarding
Administrative Assisting & How to Effectively Navigate a Computer Using Microsoft for Windows Credit Repair
Choices, Decision-Making, and Critical Thinking  Internet Marketing
Learn a Foreign Language - Spanish Public Speaking
How to Start a Business and Make It a Success Filmmaking
Certification, Licensing, and Higher Education Training/Courses Grooming and Personal Appearance 
Writing & Self-Publishing a Book - Chronicling Their Journeys to Encourage Others  Spiritual Outreach
Life Skills (Cook, Do Laundry, Simple Sewing, Make Home General Home Repairs, other basic home economics chores)  Car Repair
Preparing for Your Big Break: How to Land the Job of Your Dreams!  Travel
Arts & Crafts for Grown Folks (to show the residents how to make nice gifts for their wives, significant others, and kids)  Customer Service / Sales
College Tours & Scholarship/Grant Information GED Tutoring