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This nonprofit is dedicated to the memory of my beautiful mother, Mrs. Espanolia McCloud, one of the most giving and sincere individuals a person would ever chance to meet in life, a true woman of God who lived to give and embraced everyone with the same level of love. While very quiet by nature, she spoke volumes through her ever present hugs and routine acts of kindness, gestures she not only made toward family and friends, but strangers alike, her smile, the first gift to bloom as vibrant and meaningful as any lily upon entering a room or space. In 1980, before she could fulfill her life to its fullest potential, she died of breast cancer at the age of forty-five (45) in St. Louis, Missouri. Through the work of this nonprofit, her legacy of giving will continue to live on through the lives we touch from day to day, statewide, nationally, and around the world. I love and miss her very much. She would be proud.
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