Homeless Kids and Teens Outreach

Kids and Teens - Image for Website PageThere is a problem that exists in this country that involves some of our most vulnerable citizens: the plight of homeless kids and teens, individuals who exist within the shadows and corridors of every American society, relegated to the forgotten. They come in all colors and nationalities, and are from various backgrounds. Some started with loving families and seemingly got lost along the way while others were born without a chance. Many of these kids and teens go hungry every night, find themselves in situations with people who don't have their best interest in mind, turn to crime to survive, fall victim to substance abuse, and/or become the victims of their own thoughts and commit suicide. We want to address this social epidemic by aligning with other nonprofits whose specific mission is to transform the lives of homeless kids and teens. Our goal is to achieve this via training programs, access to free education, job placement, psychological/social counseling, and/or identifying safe housing (free and affordable). These kids and teens deserve a fighting chance in life, and we want to ensure they get one.